Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rest day in Ottawa, August 5.

We had to drive back to Ottawa last night from Montreal and it was definitely a late one. We woke up Joanne at 2am to let us in to her apartment. I thought for a moment that we might be sleeping in the van. But she let us in... so nice and even came to help us carry in some of our stuff. After a very brief sleep last night Brett and I got up before everyone else and headed for a day on the town. We went straight for the parliament buildings and had some breakfast at the Tim Horton's (its becoming a trip tradition.) We did some tourist tours and such and then I got us lost when we were trying to find the Beaver Tail booth thingy. I thought I knew which way to go... oh well. We ran out of time to go to the mall probably a good thing) and we headed to the Alumni cocktail hour that Joanne organized for us.

We ended up finding the place just fine, but we really should have taken a cab. As Brett's leg was really starting to bother him. But we made it and had a great evening with some really great people!

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