Friday, August 1, 2008

All aboard the....Ark? July 31.

Stonecliff to Haley Station - 125 km

So this is the coolest campground ever! Complete with water slides, mini golf, petting zoo, golf course and a restaurant shaped as an Ark, or well the Ark. Its pretty cool, and I am pretty sure we are all going to have breakfast here again tomorrow morning. If you are ever on highway 17 in Ontario between Pembroke and Haley Station I highly recommend eating at the Ark (aka Genesis Restaurant.)

We all decided the water slides were too expensive but we did play some killer mini golf. I scored three hole-in-ones but still managed to lose by one stroke to Brett.. the ultimate mini golf champion. Allan would have also been a serious competitor but he had a stroke bad luck at one hole... ten strokes of bad luck actually.

It was pretty hilarious and Brett has a video hopefully they show up on his blog...stay tuned for some serious entertainment.

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