Friday, August 8, 2008

I think we're in Quebec, August 1.

Another kinda rainy cloudy day, and I was totally disappointed that we did not have any welcome to Quebec signs to stop at for photos. But we made it and we crossed a pretty cool Hydro-electric dam thingy. The roads were in really REALLY rough shape, like Manitoba rough. There was absolutely no shoulder at all. At some times the pot-holes were so large that they took over half the lane. We were not on a very major highway, which was actually nice. I am so tired of the noisy busy highways, I hope that we can stay on the quieter ones for awhile, I just hope that we find some with a shoulder.

The farm houses are incredible, they are all made of Brick and look to be about two hundred years old. The other thing that might be really old are the septic systems, quite often you can smell sewage... pretty disgusting. I just hope that we find a Quebec sign for some sweet photo opportunities.

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