Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lachute to Joliette, August 3.

I am so excited to be in Montreal tonight, I wish we had two days here . But we have one and then one in Ottawa tomorrow. These rest days are going to involve a lot of walking, thats for sure. We started late today and the ride was slow because some tired legs and then I went the wrong way...and there was a bit of a head wind. Oh well, we made it to the first sign that suggested we might be in Joliette and then it was off to trendy Montreal.

We headed straight downtown and there was all kinds of fun happening, and we drove by a super cool roller coaster that would be amazing if we had time to ride. But we were on a mission to find a place to stay tonight so we tried out a hostel and then a couple hotels until we decided to head outside of downtown and we found a moderately priced motel and we even had a non-smoking room!

We all had a laundry marathon so that we will have clean clothes for the next couple rest days.

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