Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gatineau to Lachute, August 2.

The day started out really nice but then it ended up raining, the only plus was that we had a bike path for like 120 km's. It was incredible and we were on a less busy highway so the ride was far more enjoyable. It was still fairly warm out but both Kelly and I were soaking. When we finally made it to Lachute there was a fork in the road with a Tim Hortons in the middle of it. Very convenient, so instead of making a decision on right or left, Kelly and I went straight for coffee. This means that we start our ride tomorrow here and TH"s as well :o) woo donuts for breakfast!

However there wasn't a campground anywhere close to here, so we opted to stay in a hotel for the first time since Surrey, B.C. Our stuff was really wet from the rain too so this gave us a chance to dry everything out. Apparently there was some kind of festival going on and the only room left in the hotel was a smoking room....I think we're all going to have stuffy noses tomorrow morning :o( but at least we're not all in wet tents with wet sleeping bags.

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